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The Residential Bidding Process


After an initial consultation, we'll provide you with a cost estimate based on our experience with similar projects of like scope and size. Selections and project design all have bearing on the cost of a project.  We find by giving practical guidance into the design process and helping our clients with selections, helps steer the project costs towards the desired construction budget and help keep the overall costs within that budget.

In the next phase, we perform a site visit with our team of tradesman specific to your project. After answering any questions you may have, we'll provide a detailed Project Bid Proposal defining the scope of work you have requested and a price for the project. Together, we'll decide on a tentative start date and an approximate completion date. We can also provide a proposal for existing architectural plans.

Another bid option is the Construction Management Proposal.  A proposal of this type involves a cost-plus system of billing; invoicing the client for the actual cost of materials and labor, plus a construction management fee.  This allows flexibility for the client to be more hands-on in selecting sub-contractors and materials, or to make changes more freely as the project progresses.

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