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Our commercial bidding process begins by reviewing building specifications/blueprints with both the customer and the architect.  We then arrange a job site meeting with the architect, engineer and as many subcontractors as possible to discuss the project in detail. Once this has been completed, we begin the bidding process.


Each aspect of the bidding process is priced out by at least two different subcontractors in each category. We then value engineer the project and provide a cost schedule and a timeline based on the outcome of all of the information we've gathered.


Once the project moves on to the actual construction stage, we provide full time, on-site construction by at least one principal of the company.



Our Maintenance Supervision Department is an available option for commercial  and residential clients. We maintain properties, as well as assist our residential clients by winterizing vacation homes, and/or scheduling and overseeing the various subcontractors needed to maintain the property. 



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